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Green Innovations in Fertilizer Production


Everest Automation recently partnered with a leading company in the fertilizer industry to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. This collaboration focused on a facility known for its innovative approach to producing potassium sulfate (SOP) and potassium magnesium sulfate (SOPM) fertilizers through a patented method. The primary goal was to explore avenues for cost reduction and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions at this avant-garde production site.

To address these challenges, our skilled team embarked on a comprehensive analysis of the project’s multifaceted requirements. After thorough consideration, the decision was made to deploy an 800xA control system from ABB, a frontrunner in Distributed Control System (DCS) technologies. This strategic choice leveraged ABB’s robust DCS solutions, renowned for their ability to enhance operational control, safety, and efficiency around the clock. Such systems play a crucial role in optimizing plant performance, safeguarding personnel and machinery, and supporting environmental conservation efforts.


Throughout the subsequent months, our dedicated professionals meticulously managed every phase of the initiative, from procurement through to commissioning. This hands-on approach ensured the project’s smooth and efficient realization. Thanks to these efforts, the facility achieved a significant breakthrough in its processing techniques, operating at considerably lower temperatures compared to traditional methods. This innovation led to a remarkable 70% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, attributed to stringent control over the consumption of raw materials, energy utilization, and the management of waste by-products.

This project exemplifies Everest Automation’s commitment to providing technical solutions that not only meet the immediate needs of our clients but also contribute positively to environmental sustainability.


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Three-Year Service Excellence


Everest Automation recently marked a significant achievement by securing a comprehensive three-year service contract. This pivotal agreement underscores our expertise in maintaining critical systems, with a special focus on emission and process analyzer technologies.

The contract mandates seven meticulous visits annually by our elite team of technicians. During these visits, they provide on-site support, addressing and resolving any operational challenges. This hands-on approach ensures the smooth functioning and optimal performance of the facility’s systems.

The successful execution of this contract is a testament to the precision, dedication, and professionalism of our technical team. Their ability to consistently exceed client expectations has cemented Everest Automation’s reputation not merely as a service provider but as a trusted partner. Our commitment to excellence and our comprehensive service solutions are designed to surpass industry benchmarks, guaranteeing the enhanced performance and reliability of your essential systems.

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ABB FT-NIR System for On-Line Blending Applications


A Canadian facility known for its substantial daily crude oil processing capacity of 75,000 barrels, produces a wide array of products ranging from Low Sulphur Gasoline and various distillates to Diesel, Furnace Oils, Jet Fuel, Heavy Oils, LPG, Propane, Butane, and specialized chemicals like Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene.

Their journey toward operational excellence took a significant turn in early 2019 with plans to rejuvenate the FT-NIR Blending project. Challenges including the facility’s potential sale and the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic initially stalled progress. However, by November 2022, momentum was renewed with a firm belief in the transformative potential of the ABB FT-NIR system for the facility’s operational efficiency and profitability. This confidence was further bolstered by successful implementations at a sister site and another facility in close proximity.

The introduction of the ABB FT-NIR system marked a transformative step for the facility. This cutting-edge technology, renowned for its exceptional accuracy (<0.01 RON) and precision (<0.25 RON between lab and on-line analyzer), has overcome the limitations of traditional on-line detonation engine methods, which were not only slower, taking 10-15 minutes for results, but also required ongoing maintenance. The ABB FT-NIR system, with its fast cycle time of less than a minute, expertly analyzes essential gasoline metrics – such as octane numbers, aromatics, olefins, benzene, saturates, RVP and distillation profiles – enabling efficient and reliable market distribution.




The successful adoption at this site, inspired by prior successes at a sister site and another nearby facility, underscores Everest Automation’s capability to deliver robust and effective technological solutions tailored to meet and exceed the specific needs of our clients.

Optimizing Cement Plants with Advanced Gas Flow Measurement


At Everest Automation, we take pride in partnering with industry leaders like Promecon to deliver innovative solutions that revolutionize traditional processes. Recently, we highlighted the potential of Promecon’s advanced dust gas flow measurement technology to a Canadian cement plant, initiating a pilot project at their raw meal mill outlet. The aim was to optimize airflow, reduce erosion-induced wear on internal components, and achieve the desired granulometry of the raw meal—critical for producing high-quality cement.

Initially, the plant’s team managed the installation and start-up process independently, reflecting a preference for handling operations internally. However, understanding the crucial role of optimal system performance, Everest Automation advocated for supervising the initial setup. After four months of operation and upon realizing the benefits of our expertise, the plant invited us to oversee the adjustments. With minimal tweaks suggested by Promecon during this phase, we significantly enhanced the system’s efficiency.

The results spoke for themselves. After over six months of consistent and drift-free performance, the plant was thoroughly convinced of the technology’s value, expanding its investment in Promecon’s solutions by ordering five additional units for critical applications such as tertiary air flow, vaporization tower flow, and coal preheating air flow.

Promecon’s success in Europe is well-documented, and this local implementation in Canada adds a significant chapter, demonstrating the direct benefits of this advanced technology. This successful pilot acts as a compelling endorsement of the value that Promecon’s technology provides, encouraging other cement plants in the region to consider this solution to enhance their production processes. At Everest Automation, we are committed to bringing such transformative technologies to the forefront, helping our clients achieve unparalleled operational efficiencies and product quality.

SignalFire used to remotely monitor pressure at natural gas pressure reducing stations


The Gas Integrity Department recently sought Everest Automation’s expertise to tackle monitoring challenges at several problematic natural gas pressure reducing stations throughout their local city. The goal was to observe inlet and outlet pressures at the regulators, utilizing this data to pinpoint the causes of sporadic pressure drops within their distribution network.

The project faced multiple hurdles:

  • Lack of power supply and connectivity to existing Scada systems
  • Need for temporary installations during the harsh winter months from October to April
  • Operational constraints posed by severe northern climate
  • Strict timelines and budgetary limitations

In their search for a viable solution, the customer weighed two options: the SignalFire Pressure Ranger and Madgetech’s more affordable PR1000 pressure datalogger. Despite its higher cost, we highlighted the superior benefits of choosing SignalFire, including:

  • Enhanced accuracy and performance
  • Robust wireless encryption for added security
  • Simplified deployment process
  • Capabilities for real-time measurement, alarm settings, and device access
  • Extended battery lifespan
  • Cellular LTE connectivity for reliable communication
  • Comprehensive cloud services enabling system integration
  • Ready access to technical support and resources

Convinced by these advantages, the customer proceeded with a sole-source procurement of 60 units, open to expanding the initiative once users gain familiarity with the technology and uncover additional applications for its deployment across the network.

Non-Contact Level Measurement Success!


Success of Eight Laser Transmitters – LLT100s

Measuring levels in open top garbage trailer

Everest Automation, in collaboration with ABB, has successfully upgraded the waste management system at a major tissue plant in Ontario by implementing the ABB LLT100 laser level transmitter which significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of waste handling operations at the facility.

Overcoming Challenges

Previously, the plant faced frequent issues with ultrasonic transmitters, which produced erratic readings and false echoes, complicating waste management. The materials involved—plastic twine, Styrofoam, plastics, and metals—are byproducts from recycled cardboard bales and need precise handling.

Implementing the ABB Solution

Everest Automation implemented the ABB LLT100 laser level transmitter, renowned for its precise measurements and simplicity, requiring neither echo mapping nor on-site calibration. This trial demonstrated a marked significant improvement in measurement accuracy, allowing for better control of conveyor operations and preventing issues like trailer overfill.


Lasting Benefits

The successful deployment of the ABB LLT100 laser level transmitter at the Ontario tissue plant is a testament to the effectiveness of Everest Automation’s approach to solving complex industrial challenges. By adopting this advanced technology, the facility has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also fortified its waste management capabilities, ensuring reliability and precision for years to come. This project serves as a model of how strategic technological integration can lead to substantial improvements in industrial operations.

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