Non-Contact Level Measurement Success!

Success of Eight Laser Transmitters – LLT100s

Measuring levels in open top garbage trailer

Everest Automation, in collaboration with ABB, has successfully upgraded the waste management system at a major tissue plant in Ontario by implementing the ABB LLT100 laser level transmitter which significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of waste handling operations at the facility.

Overcoming Challenges

Previously, the plant faced frequent issues with ultrasonic transmitters, which produced erratic readings and false echoes, complicating waste management. The materials involved—plastic twine, Styrofoam, plastics, and metals—are byproducts from recycled cardboard bales and need precise handling.

Implementing the ABB Solution

Everest Automation implemented the ABB LLT100 laser level transmitter, renowned for its precise measurements and simplicity, requiring neither echo mapping nor on-site calibration. This trial demonstrated a marked significant improvement in measurement accuracy, allowing for better control of conveyor operations and preventing issues like trailer overfill.