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Water & Wastewater


In the crucial sector of water and wastewater treatment, ensuring the safety and efficiency of processes is paramount. This is where the precision and reliability of valves, instrumentation, and analytical technologies provided by Everest Automation come into play, playing a pivotal role in the treatment and management of water for safe consumption and environmental stewardship.

Key Technologies and Their Applications:

pH measurement: Utilizing advanced pH sensors, Everest Automation offers solutions to accurately assess the acidity or alkalinity of water. This is essential in verifying the effectiveness of the treatment process, ensuring water safety and compliance with environmental standards.

Turbidity measurement: State-of-the-art turbidity sensors are designed to evaluate the clarity of water, a vital indicator of its quality. Elevated turbidity levels signal the presence of suspended solids and potential contaminants, necessitating further treatment to meet safety guidelines.

Dissolved oxygen measurement: To support the aerobic digestion of organic matter in wastewater, dissolved oxygen sensors measure the oxygen levels available. This critical parameter ensures the treatment process operates effectively, facilitating the breakdown of pollutants.

Flow measurement: With precision flow meters, operators can gauge the volume of water navigating through the system. This capability is crucial for real-time monitoring and adjustment of the treatment process, optimizing resource use and ensuring operational efficiency.

Chlorine measurement: Chlorine sensors from Everest Automation provide accurate measurements of chlorine concentrations, critical for the disinfection process in water treatment. This ensures pathogens and microbes are effectively neutralized, safeguarding public health.

Everest Automation’s offerings transcend basic equipment supply. We specialize in delivering integrated solutions that encompass advanced valves for controlling flow, state-of-the-art instrumentation for precise process measurement, and cutting-edge analytical technologies. These tools work in concert to enhance the treatment of water and wastewater, from initial intake through to safe discharge or distribution for consumption.

By eliminating the complexity of managing multiple vendors and technologies, Everest Automation stands as a single source for comprehensive water treatment solutions. Our expertise not only ensures the operational excellence of treatment facilities but also supports their mission to protect public health and the environment.

In essence, Everest Automation’s valves, instrumentation, and analytical technologies are indispensable for modern water and wastewater treatment processes, embodying innovation and reliability at every turn. These solutions not only meet the rigorous demands of the industry but also pave the way for future advancements in water treatment technology.