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valve repairs & restorations


We pride ourselves on offering specialized services for industrial valve repair and restoration. Our Sarnia, ON facility is fully equipped to handle everything from comprehensive control valve refurbishments to intricate positioner rebuilds and more. We also provide expert parts blasting and precision painting to ensure your equipment not only works like new but looks the part too.

Understanding that downtime can be costly, we offer flexible on-site services designed to bring our expertise directly to your location, ensuring that your operations continue with minimal disruption. Our team of seasoned technicians is committed to delivering meticulous and dependable services, drawing on years of industry experience to tailor solutions that enhance both the performance and longevity of your valves.

Whether you’re dealing with routine maintenance shutdowns, or facing unexpected repair needs, our goal is to ensure your equipment operates at peak efficiency. Partner with us for reliable valve maintenance and restoration services that you can trust to keep your operations running smooth and efficient.