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Mining & Metals


In an era where the Mining & Metals industry faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities, Everest emerges as a pivotal ally, offering innovative solutions tailored to enhance operational efficiencies, ensure safety, and promote environmental sustainability. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of mining and metallurgical processes, equipping our clients with the tools necessary to excel in a competitive and evolving landscape. With a focus on precision, durability, and compliance, our suite of technologies is designed to address the intricate demands of this sector, ensuring that every operation, from extraction to refinement, achieves unparalleled success.

Focused Solutions for Mining & Metals:

pH Measurement: Essential for effective ore processing and environmental management, our pH measurement solutions deliver the accuracy required for optimal chemical reactions and adherence to strict environmental standards.

Continuous Level Measurement: Our level measurement technologies, featuring advanced radar and ultrasonic sensors, provide vital data for maintaining operational efficiency and safety, enabling precise inventory control and process management.

Chemical Dosing Pumps: Accurate chemical dosing is key to efficient ore processing, waste water treatment, and dust control. Our selection of dosing pumps offers precise chemical application, improving process efficiency and environmental conservation.

Knife Gate Valves: Built to endure the tough conditions of the mining and metals industry, our knife gate valves ensure dependable flow control of abrasive and corrosive materials, enhancing operational reliability and longevity.

Control Valves and Automation: Our quality control valves are integral for managing process flows, pressures, and temperatures, supported by our automation solutions that enable heightened efficiency and safety in mining and metallurgical operations.

Density Measurement: Specializing in both radiometric and ultrasonic density measurement technologies, we provide non-invasive, precise solutions for process control and quality assurance, crucial for optimizing production and ensuring the integrity of the final product.

Airflow Measurement: Proper ventilation is critical in mining operations for safety and environmental management. Our airflow measurement solutions ensure optimal air quality and flow, essential for protecting workers and maintaining efficient operations.

Fixed Gas Detection: Addressing the risks associated with hazardous gases in mining environments, our fixed gas detection systems offer continuous monitoring and rapid response to ensure a safe working atmosphere and compliance with health and safety standards.

Everest is dedicated to serving the Mining & Metals industry with innovative technology and expert support, designed to address the unique challenges of this vital sector. Our comprehensive solutions and commitment to quality and safety position us as the preferred partner for companies aiming to achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth.

By partnering with Everest, you’re choosing a leader in mining and metallurgical solutions, where our aim is to bolster your operational achievements and secure a sustainable, profitable future in the Mining & Metals industry.