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Oil & Gas


At Everest, we provide the Oil & Gas industry with comprehensive technology solutions tailored to monitor, control, and enhance refinery processes. Our portfolio is designed to meet the unique needs of this sector, ensuring operational efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Focused Solutions for Oil & Gas:

Flow Measurement: Accurate flow measurement is crucial for managing the movement of crude oil, natural gas, and refined products. Everest connects clients with reliable flow meters that support billing accuracy, operational efficiency, and safety standards.

Pressure and Temperature Monitoring: The demanding conditions of oil and gas operations require sensors that can endure high pressures and temperatures. We offer durable sensors and instruments that deliver consistent, reliable data to maintain process integrity and ensure safety.

Gas Analysis: Precise gas analysis is key for adhering to environmental regulations and optimizing combustion processes. Our analyzers help measure the composition of natural gas, flare gases, and emissions, aiding clients in reducing environmental impact and enhancing energy efficiency.

Level Sensing: Proper level measurement in tanks and vessels is vital for inventory management, safety, and operational efficiency. We provide various level measurement technologies, including radar and ultrasonic sensors, customized for the oil and gas industry’s specific requirements.

Safety Systems: Recognizing the paramount importance of safety, we supply comprehensive safety solutions, such as emergency shutdown systems (ESD), fire and gas detection systems, and explosion-proof components, to safeguard personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Operational Efficiency and Training: We go beyond technology supply by ensuring our clients can effectively utilize these systems. Our training and support services are designed to equip personnel with the skills needed for efficient system operation and maintenance.

Compliance and Environmental Responsibility: Understanding the regulatory demands, Everest assists clients in achieving compliance with a focus on surpassing environmental and safety standards, promoting responsible and sustainable operations.

Our mission at Everest is to support the petrochemical industry in achieving long-term success through enhanced operational efficiency, safety, and compliance. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals and establish new benchmarks in the industry.

Connect with Everest: Explore how our tailored solutions can advance your oil and gas operations. Partnering with Everest means more than just implementing technology; it means embracing a collaboration committed to your company’s excellence and leadership in the petrochemical field.