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CoriolisMaster Flowmeter

About CoriolisMaster Flowmeter

Unique, compact, self-draining mass flowmeter ideally suited for liquids, slurries and highly viscous flows. With no up or downstream piping requirements the compact Coriolis flowmeters can be installed in the tightest spaces, enabling applications not possible before.

Technical Specifications


A wide range of meter sizes provide precise measurement of massflow, volume flow, density, temperature and concentration. ABB´s CoriolisMaster series has a history of success in a wide variety of industries and applications. With innovations like SensorApplicationMemory, Easy Set-up and with up to 5 modular I/Os – they save time and money during installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Benefits of using ABB´s CoriolisMaster flowmeters:

• Save cost by making several measurements with one device
• Reduce flowmeter maintenance by up to 90 %
• No mechanical wear and minimize installation issues
• Save up to 25 % on pump power
• Save critical installation space

The “DensiMass” function enables high accuracy concentration measurement, watercut and net-oil computing as well as net-mass and net-volume measurement.

With no up or downstream piping requirements the compact Coriolis flowmeters can be installed in the tightest spaces, enabling applications not possible before. The Coriolis technique is ideally suited to cope with many precise and difficult applications and ABB’s range includes a unique, compact, self-draining mass flowmeter for liquids, slurries and highly viscous flows.


  • Thanks to its high accuracy, ABB’s flowmeter has met international standards approval and can now be used for key custody transfer transactions
  • The CoriolisMaster’s smaller footprint, heightened communication abilities and remote verification capabilities ensure the precise measurements essential for custody transfer
  • The new certification completes ABB’s fiscal metering offering providing unmatched precision to protect the interests of both buyer and seller across the custody transfer process
  • The FCB400 series delivers:
    Up to five modular I/Os
      • Multivariable meter design
      • Optional plug-in cards
      • Automatic firmware update
      • Various communication protocols available
  • SmartSensor
      • All digital solution
      • Installation flexibility
      • Meter intelligence located in the sensor
  • SensorApplicationMemory
      • Maximum data security
      • Plug and play electronics replacement
  • ABB common look and feel
      • Easy Set-up
      • Operation through the glass via capacitive keys
  • VeriMass on-board verification and diagnostics
      • Online preventive maintenance
      • Extended maintenance cycles
      • Reduced maintenance effort
  • Designed for 70 °C (158 °F) ambient temperature and high vibrations
  • Enhanced Coriolis control (ECC) option for advanced measurement for multiphase conditions and other challenging fluids
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Self-draining
  • Global approvals for explosion protection
  • OIML R117 and MID approved
  • The FCB450 adds:
      • DensiMass software for direct concentration measurement
      • FillMass software for filling application control
      • OIML R117; MID approved
ABB’s CoriolisMaster for accurate flow and density measurement of liquids and gases
CoriolisMaster custody transfer