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biomass combustion optimization



Performance review of biomass fired thermal power plants

Our experts inform you of the exact state of your installations such as their current and potential output. The superior quality of the information gathered ensures efficient decision-making and proper management of your power station.

Always with the intention of making clear recommendations based in fact, the surveys carried out by our specialists rigorously gather the following data:

  • Carry out a complete survey of your installations:
    • Equipment description;
    • Manufacturer identification and rated capacity;
    • Working schematic of your installations on AutoCAD
  • Evaluate, test and report on current equipment operating conditions and recommendations on required maintenance;
  • Evaluate with precision the steam production and efficiency of your facility;
  • Recommend and estimate costs for the purposes of improving facility efficiency: cost/benefit analysis.

Service agreements for combustion control systems

Always with combustion optimisation in mind, we adapt service agreements to meet the specific needs of each installation.

The efficiency of your control system and its components is essential to the proper functioning and the feasibility of your facility. You must, therefore, be vigilant.

Always adapted to the particular requirements of each control system, the service agreement can include the following services:

  • Installation of controller software updates upon manufacturer release;
  • Behavioural analysis of installed programs;
  • Instrument calibration, such as combustion gas analysers;
  • Performance audit of mechanical systems, namely the air flow control, feeders, control valve, etc.;
  • Analysis of proper response and data transfer for all instruments;
  • Combustion adjustment and redefining set points to account for changes, if necessary;
  • Report redaction outlining walk-through assessment and stating the feasibility of the current system’s operations;
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics via modem are available within the framework of a service agreement.