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preparation of narratives


Preparation of narratives for industrial process automation refers to the process of creating written descriptions or step-by-step instructions that detail the processes, procedures, and workflows involved in a particular industrial automation project. These narratives typically describe how the automation system will operate and how it will interact with other systems or processes in the production environment.

The preparation of narratives is an essential step in the design and implementation of industrial automation systems because it provides a clear and detailed understanding of the system’s functionality and how it will operate in the production environment. This information is critical for stakeholders, including engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel, to ensure that the automation system is designed, installed, and commissioned correctly.

The preparation of narratives typically involves several steps.

  • including gathering and analyzing requirements
  • identifying key system components and subsystems
  • mapping out workflows and process flows
  • and documenting system behavior and interactions.


The narratives may also include information on system performance metrics, such as:

  • throughput
  • efficiency
  • quality
  • as well as details on alarm and fault handling