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Smart Pressure Transmitters

About Smart Pressure Transmitters

ABB 2600T Series of intelligent pressure and differential pressure transmitters offers high accuracy, the latest measuring cell technology and the highest quality fill systems in the industry.

Technical Specifications
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ABB offers the world’s most comprehensive range of pressure measurement products. The 2600T family provides products specifically designed to meet the widest range of applications ranging from arduous conditions in offshore oil and gas to the laboratory environment of the pharmaceutical industry. From the design to the software functionality, the 266 series represents the latest evolutionary step in the wide ABB product portfolio. Users can easily find the right application solution for their measurement needs and select among different levels of accuracy.

Accuracy is no longer a constraint. The 266 is available with an high accuracy up to 0.025% of the top performance models. This allows the user to control their processes with an excellent precision for pressure, level and flow measurements.

Notable is also the choice of measuring ranges allowing to measure pressures from 0.05 kPa (0.2 inH2O) up 105 MPa (15000 psi). 266 is one of the few low range differential pressure transmitters offering an outstanding suitability draft range for measurements. Pressure transmitter models are suitable for measurements up to 1050 bar (15000 psi), using Inconel 718 NACE compliant material for wetted parts.

One further highlight available with the 266 differential pressure transmitter is the version for high static pressure applications. This allows users to measure differential pressure with a high accuracy in applications with maximum working pressure (MWP) up to 60 MPa (8700 psi). Naturally, this version also includes Ex certifications, if required

  • • Common intuitive HMI for quick commissioning
  • • Modular electronics easy to replace
  • • Reliable sensor technologies
  • • Easier installation and configuration
  • • Multivariable version
  • • Taylor instrument’s All-Welded technology for diaphragm seals
  • • High long-term stability
  • • Low cost of ownership
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