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Freelance Distributed Control System (DCS)

About Freelance Distributed Control System (DCS)

Freelance is ABB’s user-friendly, cost-effective and robust solution ideal for nearly all process industries.

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Freelance 2019 is a full-fledged distributed control system that combines the advantages of both worlds – DCS and PLC. It offers the small footprint of a PLC, together with the full functionality of a DCS. The integrated environment simplifies engineering, commissioning, maintenance and fieldbus management. With the latest version, Freelance takes the next step into the future. Freelance 2019 provides significant improvements in all areas: scalability, usability, connectivity, compatibility and security.

Compact distributed control system (DCS) for small to medium size applications. ABB’s Freelance 900F control system combines easy engineering with an open, modern system architecture. Freelance 900F is proven in more than 18 000 applications – in all industries. The compact control system allows the integration of all common fieldbuses, leaving the user to select any communication interface they wish – whether FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, or HART.

The integration of existing automation systems is facilitated through usage of international standards – from field sensors up to the management level. The system was and will be continuously improved and enhanced to meet our user’s needs. Customers choosing Freelance can rest assured that ABB will support them in the long term.

With the latest AC 900F controller, the Freelance DCS provides significant improvements in all areas: availability, scalability, usability, connectivity.

• Easy to use: It is very easy to install, learn,engineer, commission, back-up, maintain and expand.
• Scalable: Projects can start as small as a few I/Os for skids, package units or single plant equipment and grow to thousands of I/Os controlling the whole plant.
• Reliable: It is a proven system with high reliability and availability providing redundancy options supporting solutions without any single point of failure.
• Value for your money: Investment goes a long way because of its small footprint and ability to run on any standard computer. Together with its ease of use, this results in savings in installation, engineering, commissioning and life cycle costs.
• Compatibility: Freelance 2019 runs on Windows 10 and Windows 7

  • Enhanced scalability: The new PM 904F expands the AC 900F controller family in the upper range
  • Improved usability: Freelance 2019 provides significant increase of efficiency for Operations and Engineering
  • More connectivity: Four (4) communication interfaces in new AC 900F with PM 904F
  • Enhanced Security: New Extended User Management based on Windows User accounts
  • Freelance Version 2019 still supports Freelance hardware from its first version
  • Multi monitor support from 2019 version
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