Optimizing Cement Plants with Advanced Gas Flow Measurement

At Everest Automation, we take pride in partnering with industry leaders like Promecon to deliver innovative solutions that revolutionize traditional processes. Recently, we highlighted the potential of Promecon’s advanced dust gas flow measurement technology to a Canadian cement plant, initiating a pilot project at their raw meal mill outlet. The aim was to optimize airflow, reduce erosion-induced wear on internal components, and achieve the desired granulometry of the raw meal—critical for producing high-quality cement.

Initially, the plant’s team managed the installation and start-up process independently, reflecting a preference for handling operations internally. However, understanding the crucial role of optimal system performance, Everest Automation advocated for supervising the initial setup. After four months of operation and upon realizing the benefits of our expertise, the plant invited us to oversee the adjustments. With minimal tweaks suggested by Promecon during this phase, we significantly enhanced the system’s efficiency.

The results spoke for themselves. After over six months of consistent and drift-free performance, the plant was thoroughly convinced of the technology’s value, expanding its investment in Promecon’s solutions by ordering five additional units for critical applications such as tertiary air flow, vaporization tower flow, and coal preheating air flow.

Promecon’s success in Europe is well-documented, and this local implementation in Canada adds a significant chapter, demonstrating the direct benefits of this advanced technology. This successful pilot acts as a compelling endorsement of the value that Promecon’s technology provides, encouraging other cement plants in the region to consider this solution to enhance their production processes. At Everest Automation, we are committed to bringing such transformative technologies to the forefront, helping our clients achieve unparalleled operational efficiencies and product quality.