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Valmet Sampling Valve

About Valmet Sampling Valve

Reliable consistency samplers for pulp and paper

Technical Specifications


Valmet sampling valves can be operated manually or remotely to take representative samples from pipelines, and are insensitive to changing process conditions or human factors

A testament to its reliability and performance, the Valmet Consistency Sampler (Valmet Nove) is the most used pulp sampler type on the market. Engineered for screened pulp with consistency from 0 to 8%, the Valmet Nove comes in two models for manual or pneumatic sampling operation.

For consistencies up to 18%, we offer the Valmet High Consistency Sampler (Valmet Nove H). The Valmet Nove H can be used in screened as well as unscreened pulp applications.

Suitable for all pulp grades, Valmet Nove and Nove H can be easily installed in a wide variety of processes with different process couplings and materials available. The Valmet sampler construction is proven to reduce standard laboratory test variation by 50% compared to typical ball-valve samplers.

  • Built-in resilience to variations in flow and operator sampling
  • Engineered for safe sampling in harsh environments
  • Support for automatic syncing of sampling