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Valmet MCA Microwave Consistency Transmitter

About Valmet MCA Microwave Consistency Transmitter

The Valmet Microwave Consistency Measurement (Valmet MCA) delivers reliable total consistency measurement for a wide range of process controls independent of flow rate or fiber type.

Technical Specifications
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This fourth generation microwave transmitter uses patented technology that allows the complete measurement of consistency, independent of fiber length, flow index, wood type or different fiber combinations. in your process.

Advanced microwave technology makes the Valmet MCA the most accurate and reliable total consistency measurement regardless of flow rate, fiber brightness or color. The Valmet MCA uses fast raw measurement and high sample volumes to deliver exceptional measurement results covering a wide consistency range of 0% to 16%.

Because it measures all solid particles in the process, the Valmet MCA enables better control for more efficient production, improved quality and economic savings with fewer process upsets. This is particularly true in applications where fiber quality and characteristics can vary significantly.

  • Stay on your consistency target
  • Reliable accuracy everywhere
  • Simple measurement management
  • Digital electronics
  • Direct Sweep Detection measurement
  • Twin blade sensor
  • Flow through sensor
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