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Sample Gas Coolers (peltier)

About Sample Gas Coolers (peltier)

Electric gas cooler type ECP2000 with Peltier element, electronically regulated to +5 °C, high/low‑temperature alarm with 2 changeover contacts, without heat exchanger, power: 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz to switch over

Technical Specifications
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ECP2000 -With patented Jet-Stream heat exchanger – Ambient temperature up to +50°C – Dew point +5°C +/-0,1°C – With alarm contact – Small dimensions, light weight – Optimum reliability Application: The ECP 2000 gas cooler is used in gas analysis to lower the dew point of humid to avoid condensation in the analyser. An extremly stable gas dew point avoids water vapour crosssensitivity and volumetric errors.

  • Peltier gas cooler for 2 Jet-Stream heat exchangers with a gas flow rate of max. 2 x 150 Nl/h
  • Adjustable gas outlet dew point with a stability of < ±0.1 °C [±0.18 °F] at constant conditions
  • With a total cooling capacity of 90 kJ/h at +25 °C [+77 °F] ambient temperature
  • Ambient temperature up to +50 °C [+122 °F]
  • With status alarm contact
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Power: 115/230 V switchable
  • Optionally: 2 Jet-Stream heat exchangers