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Filter Elements

About Filter Elements

Hy-Pro filter elements deliver lower operating ISO codes so you know your fluids are always clean, meaning lower total cost of ownership and reducing element consumption, downtime, repairs, and efficiency losses.

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Product Range


Hy-Pro filter element upgrades deliver the highest capture and retention efficiencies through advanced DFE rated element media and the removal of particles, water and oxidation byproducts, making Hy-Pro elements the one component in your critical systems the saves you money. DFE filter element construction goes beyond the lab and is field tested and proven to deliver cleaner oil in industry’s toughest application, all the time.

The world’s largest selection of critical hydraulic and lube oil filter elements available:



DFE – Dynamic Filter Efficiency – High efficiency capture and retention synthetic media.

Filter Element Upgrades – With over 500,000 filter element crosses, Hy-Pro offers the most comprehensive selection of critical hydraulic and lube oil filter elements anywhere!

Cellulose to Glass Upgrades – Can last up to 4~5 times longer than cellulose elements!

Water Removal  – Glass media with special layers design to absorb and retain water

ICB Resin for Varnish & Acid Removal – Best in class acid and varnish removal, ICB® filter elements significantly reduce production losses and resolve servo-valve issues by eliminating the contamination responsible for sticking or sluggish valves.


  • Advanced Media Options
  • Lower ISO codes: Lower total cost of ownership
  • DFE rated filter elements
  • Quick delivery
  • Upgrade your filtration