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Remote Seals For ABB Transmitters

About Remote Seals For ABB Transmitters

ABB, world leader in remote seal manufacturing, is proud to offer a wide range of models that helps users in finding the most appropriate application solution.

Technical Specifications
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Thanks to Taylor’s proven “All-Welded” technology, ABB is the best choice for remote seals.  A great number of diaphragm materials, process connections, and filling fluids highlight ABB’s passion for research and commitment to satisfying customers’ needs. The innovative wetted materials open new frontiers to enhance existing measurement life and implement new demanding applications with trust. Moreover, ABB offers specially designed remote seals for individual process solutions adding flexibility for the most demanding custom installations.

For certain applications, the use of seals is necessary to prevent the process fluid from leaving its enclosure, due to reasons such as:

• the process fluid has solids in suspension or is highly viscous and can foul impulse lines
• the process fluid can solidify in impulse lines or the transmitter
• the process fluid is too hazardous to enter the control area where the transmitter is located
• the process temperature exceeds the recommended limits for the transmitter
• the application is interface level or density measurement
• the transmitter must be located away from the process for easier maintenance

Remote seals offer the required constant and equal specific gravity of the pressure transfer fluid on the high and low sides of the transmitter.


S26 line, together with 266 pressure transmitter family represents high reliability combining the exceptional features of the 266 series for gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement. S26 line allows optimum design for each application without compromising transmitters’ performances.


The S261 seals are used in combination with 261 compact transmitter class, allowing gauge, level or absolute pressure measurements.


  • Large selection of options, materials and fill fluids meeting nearly all process requirements.
  • All welded constructions - combine an economically feasible and technically sound solution ensuring total reliability at line pressure down to full vacuum.
  • Special designed remote seals for individual process solutions adding flexibility for most demanding services.