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Low Emission Samplers

About Low Emission Samplers

Maximize safety to the operator and the environment with simple, accurate low-emission samplers. This manual oil and gas sampling equipment is best suited for liquid, gas, and mixtures. These combinations exist in petrochemical, chemical, and refinery processes in which protecting the operator is critical.

Technical Specifications
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Sentry samplers make the task of collecting representative samples from gas and liquid hydrocarbon applications simple and safe. The samplers use a multi-ported valve so that the extraction process is simplified while maintaining the integrity of the sample itself. Installation is fast and straightforward, and quick cylinder disconnects allow the sample cylinder to be removed without tools.

Designed with safety in mind for the operator as well as the environment, Sentry samplers provide a low-maintenance solution to sampling requirements. They also offer emissions-free sampling, with no spills and zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, keeping both pollution and sample contamination levels to an absolute minimum.