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Consolidator+ Multivariable Controllers

About Consolidator+ Multivariable Controllers

The ConsoliDator+ is an easy to use multi-channel controller that accepts 4-20 mA inputs, flowmeter pulse inputs and digital inputs and displays them on a large backlit LCD screen.

Technical Specifications
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The ConsoliDator+ is a multivariable controller that is both easy to use and satisfies a wide variety of process display, alarm, and control applications. It accepts 4-20 mA inputs, flow meter pulse inputs, digital inputs, and Modbus inputs and displays them in both numeric and bargraph format on a large, 5.7″ color display. It can be equipped with multiple relays with user-definable actions, 4-20 mA outputs, digital outputs, Modbus RTU & ASCII, Modbus Enron, and Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP protocol communication. Additionally, the controller is equipped with up to 32 timers that can be used to control many processes or events.

  • NEMA 4X Panel Mount Multivariable Controller
  • Convenient Display, Control, & Alarm of Multiple 4-20 mA, Pulse, & Modbus Inputs
  • Numeric & Bargraph Color Display (320 x 240 pixels) 5.7" (145 mm)
  • Sunlight Readable Display, White Backlight
  • Isolated 24 VDC Transmitter Supplies 200 mA / Analog Input; 1,600 mA Max
  • 99 Channels, 32 Totalizers, 32 Timers, & 199 Modbus Inputs
  • 64 High & Low Alarms, Combine Multiple Alarms Into Logic AND & OR Alarms
  • Simulation & Manual Control Modes for Testing and Setup
  • Modular Design for Inputs & Outputs Flexibility
  • Pulse, Analog, & Modbus Input Flow Rate / Total / Grand Total Capability
  • and more...