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CM15 ControlMaster

About CM15 ControlMaster

The ControlMaster CM15 is a feature-packed 1/8 DIN universal process indicator.

Technical Specifications
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The ControlMaster CM15 is a feature-packed 1/8 DIN universal process indicator. A crystal-clear, full-color, TFT display shows operators exactly the information they need to know and provides operation and configuration menus in full text making the CM15 intuitive to use and very quick to install and commission.

Fully configurable via the front panel menus or ConfigPilot configuration software. The CM15 is easy to quickly install and commission.

Available as a basic indication-only model, or enhanced through plug-and-play function keys and I/O modules, the CM15 offers totalization, level, math, logic, counter and alarm functions, making it extremely flexible and able to solve many tricky application requirements. MODBUS® and Ethernet communication options ensure easy integration and connectivity to supervisory or control systems.

  • Comprehensive display of process status on a crystal-clear, full-color TFT screen
  • Dual point indication enables two process values to be simultaneously displayed
  • Intuitive user interface and clear text prompts make installation, commissioning and operation quick and simple
  • Direct, high accuracy connection to electromagnetic flow meters such that frequency signal can be totalized and displayed on screen
  • 2 universal inputs, 1 analog output and 1 relay fitted as standard providing comprehensive I/O
  • Highly scalable in terms of both hardware and software to meet demands of complex applications
  • Totalization and counter functions for calculation and display of flow total values and pulse counting capability
  • IP66 and NEMA 4X environmental protection for 'on-site' measurement and indication
  • MODBUS® and Ethernet communication options for flexible connectivity into virtually any higher level system
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