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NEW P-Series Pressure Gauge by ABB!

NEW P-Series Pressure Gauge by ABB!

PxS100 Pressure Transmitter

Compact, reliable, essential

PxS100 is the new Pressure transmitter from ABB, designed to fit markets with standard specifications but subject to fast-to-serve dynamics.
Its compact stainless steel housing grants robustness, resistance to humidity and vibration, while incorporating a new high visibility display with backlight option. Easiness of use of the new touch HMI is enhanced by the Easy Setup feature, a firmware option to easily configure device parameters from the display itself.

Gauge and Absolute measurement types are available with a range of sensors to expand measuring capability from 40 mbar (16 inH2O) up to 100 bar (1450 psi). While leveraging the turndown capacity of the device, no compromises are necessary on accuracy, available with a 0,1% extended option.

ABB unique technologies like Diaflex (anti-abrasion) or H-Shield (anti hydrogen permeation) come handy if applications demand more.

PxS100 offers integral process connections to be combined with a wide selection of adapters and flanges to ensure mechanical fitting to any process point.