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TD-120 Oil In Water Monitor

About TD-120 Oil In Water Monitor

Ideal for detection of oil leaks and spills for heat exchangers, boilers, and membrane systems, or water treatment system optimization.

Technical Specifications
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The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor is our latest product, developed from over 20 years of real-world experience with UV fluorescence technology, and includes industry leading features. The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor is resistant to dirty or turbid water influences that typically impact UV absorption or light scatter instrument measurements—allowing hydrocarbons, fuels, lubricating oils, heat transfer fluids, and crude oil to be measured at low ppm/ppb levels. The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor also has a greatly enhanced dynamic range compared to most online oil in water monitors (up to 6000 ppm).

The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor is ideal for detection of oil leaks from heat exchangers—protecting boilers, water intakes and membrane systems—as well as optimizing water treatment systems. With low detection limits and extended measurement range, the TD-120 provides the necessary tools and ease of use to meet today’s complex oil in water measurement needs.

The TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor is configured with 316SS wetted parts, enclosure, and back panel as well as cell condition monitor, high temperature alarm and protection. The monitor also includes an internal tablet for simple setup and operation. The internal data logger allows for graphical display of oil in water concentration values, past events (alarms, calibrations, setting changes, etc.), and diagnostics. This data can be transferred via the onboard microSD card to any PC for analysis and archiving.

  • New auto-valve capabilities: temperature protection, fresh water flush, and process isolation
  • Analog signal, alarm dry contact relays
  • Optional sea water compatible wetted parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership—no reagents or instrument air needed for operation
  • Internal tablet interface for quick setup and calibration
  • OEM opportunities