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Selecting and sizing control valves [ Fall 2024]

**Please note the following course has been postponed to the fall of 2024**

Selecting and sizing control valves

Control valves are a very important part of your plant. The proper selection and sizing of these valves is essential in optimizing your process, ensuring product quality and maximizing production.

This three-day course will cover the different valve technologies available, their specific applications and how to size them correctly. A French manual will be supplied with the course, as well as a sizing software package.

At the office of :
Everest Automation
2109 boul. Saint-Régis
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC H9B 2M9

Daily: 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Price : $995 /pers. for 3 days
*includes snacks and lunches

Includes book: Control valve selection, by Marc Côté

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    Training agenda

    Day 1: Sizing control valves

    • Origin of the CV calculation equation
    • Definition of Cv
    • Calculating Cv for liquids
    • Collection of operating conditions
    • Velocity limit in control valves
    • Vaporization and cavitation in valves
    • Throttling flow
    • Cavitation point calculation
    • Anti-cavitation measures
    • Cv correction for non-turbulent liquids
    • Cv correction for piping effects

    Day 2: Sizing control valves

    • Origin of calculations for gases and steam
    • Cv calculation for gases and steam
    • Noise in control valves
    • Noise control measures for gases and steam
    • Tightness and construction limits
    • Tightness in control valves
    • Material limits
    • Corrosion
    • Valve selection and families
    • Performance and characteristics
    • Installed vs. inherent characteristics
    • Gain
    • Linearize your existing installations
    • Actuators:
      • Pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, which one to choose?
      • Control or On-Off actuators
      • Spring and diaphragm
      • Piston
      • Fault position
      • Orientation

    Day 3: Sizing control valves

    • Positioners and accessories
    • Conventional positioners
    • Intelligent and diagnostic positioners
    • Position switch
    • Locking mechanism
    • Manual handwheel
    • Stroke limiter
    • Installation and maintenance
    • Proper installation
    • Maintenance
    • Introduction to Nelprof
    • Fall of 2024 (TBA)
    • Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
    • 3 Days
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