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The Power Of Connectivity

The Power Of Connectivity

With the arrival of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), there has never been that much data being processed and transferred between industrial devices. All this information needs to be relayed between devices and PLCs. To ensure this information is relayed properly, the devices need to communicate in the same industrial communication protocol (same language) or a compatible communication protocol. Since each industrial instrumentation/automation product manufacturer has developed their own industrial communication protocol they don’t necessarily are compatible with each other. Even worst, some does not communicate with their old legacy version which highly restrict your product choice

Is there a solution to make two devices that does not speak the same language understand each other?

A solution that has been around for quite some time, is to transfer the data directly into the PLC. PLC’s, unlike most other industrial devices, can use extension modules to communicate in other industrial communication protocol. To add the extension, the operator must input the function block diagram into the PLC and enter the correct data parameters for that specific protocol. This solution is highly reliable but,

  • It is not cost effective,

PLC’s extension communication modules are expensive and they take quite a lot of memory space in the PLC which is also expensive.

  • The operator must be familiar with the communication protocol,

In order to parameterize the data properly, the operator must know the characteristics of the different protocols and settings to ensure a flawless communication.

A popular solution that is the use of an industrial protocol gateway to convert from one protocol to another. The gateway comes in preconfigured to convert from protocol A to protocol B. To ensure a flawless ?data transmission between devices, Advantech has developed a full series of advanced Protocol Gateway converters. Those gateways have a diagnosis tool to help you troubleshoot and fix the device easily. For example, if the device status is incorrect, you can easily diagnose the gateway to confirm the connection status and pinpoint faster where the problem is. This solution is simple and highly cost-effective. 

The hardware are inexpensive compared to a PLC extension communication module. There is no programming to be done at all, only mapping. The platform is based on a graphical language, allowing to set up links between incoming and outgoing data flows. The user-friendly WEB design was created to ensure you can map your devices remotely faster and easier than ever before! Those gateways help plant managers create a seamless interconnection between industrial protocols, making the usage of field devices more flexible. These gateways, efficiently connect field devices to Ethernet network infrastructure, providing redundant and management functions for central management. Device connection has never been this simple. Advantech offers you the best solutions to connect your field devices efficiently together!

Have you experienced connectivity challenges?

Need more information ? Watch this video : https://www.advantech.com/resources/video/driving-innovation-of-industrial-iot-advantech-en