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Staying On Top Of Tank Gauging

Staying On Top Of Tank Gauging

Designed with high reliability components, the Smart Servo 954 can accurately measure varied liquids in any type of storage tank!

To take the tank level measurement higher, Honeywell Enraf have combined proven technology, high-tech electronics and intuitive software into one reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank gauge !

The innovative design of the Smart Servo 954 incorporates:

  • Patented algorithms for greater precision in all applications
  • Adaptive dynamic compensations to improve measurement under adverse conditions
  • Unique force transducer technology to optimize stable operation
  • Advanced drum calibration for guaranteed accuracy
  • “SiL-by-design” features with unique diagnostics for reliable operation (IEC 61508)
  • Separate terminal compartment for ease of wiring
  • Safety approvals and certifications from legal metrology institutes worldwide
  • NMI approvals, OIML R85 and varied liquid compliance

The Smart Servo 954 was designed to incorporate a host of innovative, best-inclass features.

For example, its unique, fully capable software supports diagnostics on SILrated loops. An option slot for additional functionalities allows the connection of temperature measuring elements for spot/average product and vapor phase temperature, as well as product temperature profiles.

The new gauge is equipped with a Servo Auto Test feature, which increases safety, integrity and diagnostic coverage, and enables usage in overfill protection loops. It can be included in SIL-2 safety loops, and if used in a redundant configuration, is suitable for SIL-3-rated loops.


 Honeywell Enraf servo gauging systems provide a flexible and adaptable solution for a wide range of terminal operations. They are suitable for:

  • Product and gas temperature with spot or average temperature measurement, or temperature profiling
  • Product level
  • Interface level
  • Density measurement and profiling
  • Direct water bottom measurement or via capacitive probes 
  • Average continuous density monitoring connecting one or more HART pressure transmitters
  • TUV SIL certified NO/NC alarm relay contact and/or 4-20mA Analog output for direct connection to Safety or Distributed control system
  • Easy integration with Honeywell Experion DCS system & Safety Manager ESD system
  • Measurement ranges up to 150 m
  • Working pressure up to 40 bar