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Some Fresh Air For Abb Electromagnetic Flowmeters !

Some Fresh Air For Abb Electromagnetic Flowmeters !

The new line of magnetic flow meter ABB integrates easily with your current installations thanks to the great versatility of wafer and flange connections. The new generation of magnetic flowmeter have everything to seduce you, modulating transmitter, the new ABB SmartSensor technology, a comprehensive audit with technical innovations offering pure performance! The transmitter can reach up to 5 I/O and it is possible to communicate with the flowmeter using different protocols.

The modular design of the transmitter allows you to reduce the amount of spare parts that you hold in your inventory. This design also allows you to jump from a model of transmitter to the other without having to familiarize yourself with all the menus they all look the same. In addition, continuous verification of the State of the probe and the transmitter guarantees a 24/7 performance.  To add icing on the cake, the device uses a high frequency signal with square waves to improve the signal quality by reducing the noise. This feature allows among other things to improve the quality of measurement in a conductive fluid containing heavy solids in suspension.

The 4 cable interconnection is design with a robust shield to minimize the electromagnetic interference. The cable can reach up to 656 feet to connect to the remote transmitter.

You perform a maintenance or perform a component replacement?

ABB has added an option that can save and replicate your application settings and calibration parameters in your new electronics! No need to manually calibrate your device whenever you change a component

See for yourself: