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Continuous Emissions Monitoring Course

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Course

Dr. James A. Jahnke is a recognized expert in CEM systems, he serves as the U.S. ASTM representative to the International Standards Organization Committee on Source Monitoring.

Learn more on continuous emissions monitoring system with an expert in the field ! 

•Introduction to Continuous Emissions Monitoring
•Review of CEMS Code
•CEM Regulations—Regulatory Imperatives
•CEM Regulations—Certification & Quality Assurance
•Extractive System Design
•Basic Instrumentation Principles
•Extractive Gas Analyzers—Principles of Operation
•In-situ Gas Monitors—Principles of Operation
•Opacity Monitors & Continuous Particulate Monitors
•Calculating in Units of the Standard/Flow Monitoring Systems
•Recording & Reporting Data—CEM Data Acquisition Systems
•Methods of Comparable Effectiveness—Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems
•Performance Specifications for Gas CEM Systems
•Group Exercise—Mini Performance Specification Test
•CEM System Quality Assurance
•Quality Assurance—Writing the QA Manual
•Inspecting CEM systems


Any personnel involved with emissions monitoring, including (but not limited to): Vendors, Regulatory Agencies, Equipment Manufacturers, Engineers, Consultants, Environmental Engineers and Maintenance personnel involved in:

•CEM Systems
•Refining & Petro-Chemical
•Cement Incineration
•Thermal Oxidizers
•Steel Making
•Minerals & Mining
•Pulp & Paper
•Power Generation
•Special Applications


Book now limited seats. 

OCTOBER 1-3 2019

ABB inc, 3450 Harvester Road,

Burlington, Ontario, L7N3W5


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