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WM Series Wedgemeter

About WM Series Wedgemeter

The WM-Series WedgeMeter family measures liquids, gas and steam.

Technical Specifications
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The WM-Series Wedgemeter family has a solid V-shaped flow restriction which makes it extremely robust. It is bi-directional and is particularly suitable for fluids with a high solid content, erosive/abrasive fluids and those with a high viscosity. The WM-Series WedgeMeter family measures liquids, gas and steam.

The ABB wedge meter product range is adaptable to almost any process condition or installation requirements. Wedge meters are particularly suitable for fluids that are dirty, viscous, abrasive or with a tendency to foul, providing accurate measurements and resisting conditions that would normally wear the sensitive measurement
surfaces found in orifice plate, turbine and cone meter or positive displacement meters. In addition they have the widest flow range of any DP-based flow device and require shorter upstream and downstream straight pipe lengths

  • Allows any solids or entrained gases to pass through without hold-up
  • 40+ years of proven application experience