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Industrial Pressure Gauges (WIKA)

About Industrial Pressure Gauges (WIKA)

WIKA is the global leader in industrial pressure gauges, with 100-plus products for measuring gauge pressure, differential pressure, and absolute pressure.

Technical Specifications

Pressure gauges from WIKA – market leader since 1946

WIKA has established itself as a leader in pressure measurement technology with a legacy that dates back to 1946. Offering pressure gauges that are meticulously engineered for gauge, absolute, and differential pressure measurements, and have demonstrated reliability in countless applications worldwide. To accommodate the broadest spectrum of applications, WIKA offers a diverse selection of measuring systems, including Bourdon tube, diaphragm, and capsule element technologies.

Gauge offerings span pressure scale ranges from 0 to 0.2” H2O up to 0 to 85,000 psi, with precision levels as high as 0.1%. To meet the varied demands of industrial and process instrumentation, WIKA offers pressure elements made from copper alloys, stainless steel, or advanced specialty materials, ensuring optimal performance in any environment.

  • Versatile Measurement Options
  • Wide Range of Pressure Scales
  • High Precision
  • Material Variety