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RVG200 Videographic Recorder

About RVG200 Videographic Recorder

ABB ScreenMaster paperless recorders offer a reliable, cost-effective and secure solution for paperless data recording and analysis.

Technical Specifications
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ABB’s video recorder series offers state-of-the-art features and functionality in an easy-to-use format. High standards of environmental protection and advanced communication options ensure their suitability for a wide variety of applications.


A secure, easy-to-use, touchscreen, paperless recorder with swipe gesture control.

The RVG200 recorder takes the established operating and security advantages of the ScreenMaster line a step further. Features include touch screen swipe operation, front and rear USB ports for connecting peripherals (including a barcode scanner and keyboard), and Ethernet and RS485 communications. Up to 24 process signals can be connected to the RVG200’s analog inputs or transferred to it via digital communications.

Like all ScreenMaster paperless recorders, the RVG200 has extensive security measures to protect process data from unauthorized tampering in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. Standard security features include the ability to configure and assign multiple users with individual passwords and access rights. All recorded data is also securely stored by the RVG200’s internal 256 MB flash memory, which can be expanded to 2 GB if required.


  • Advanced features include batch logging, flow totalization, math, logic and thermal energy calculations.
  • Remote access and Recovery of data via Ethernet