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PointGard 3100

About PointGard 3100

A complete 1-channel gas detection system for measuring toxic gases or oxygen in ambient air.

Technical Specifications
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PointGard 3100
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The PointGard 3100 is the optimal solution for all those who need a gas detection system but who do not want to go through the hassle of assembling all the necessary components. It contains the measuring function of a transmitter, the assessment function of a controller and the necessary alarm equipment such as flashing lights and horn. The AC versions of the PointGard 3100 can be operated with the optional power plug at any standard power socket.If the measuring location is not suitable for mounting the PointGard, you can remove the integrated sensor and place it up to 30 m away using the appropriate remote accessories. Appropriate accessories are also available for use in pipes and ventilation shafts.


The Application

The PointGard 3100 is used where a gas concentration needs to be monitored locally. A typical application is the measurement of hazardous gases in unventilated or closed rooms. For this, the PointGard 3100 is installed outside the room at the entrance and the sensor in the room where the substance is monitored.This way you are informed about the gas concentration before entering the room. If the alarm limits are exceeded, the PointGard warns with the integrated alarm devices. It can also trigger automatic ventilation so that the concentration is lowered and the room can be entered again without danger. In case of oxygen monitoring, ventilation would continue until a sufficiently high concentration is present again.


The Measurement Technology

Inside the PointGard 3100, the proven electronics of the Dräger Polytron 8100 are used. The electrochemical DrägerSensor is used for the measurement. It is characterized by long service life and long-term stability. With the various sensors that can be used in the PointGard 3100, more than 100 toxic gases can be measured. The DrägerSensors allow continuous measurement even under the most difficult conditions. Most DrägerSensors support a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +65 °C.


The integrated Alarm Equipment

The PointGard 3100 already includes visual and audible alarms. The bright and long-lasting flashing lights warn of danger from a distance in orange (pre-alarm)and red (main alarm). If a distinction is made between safe and unsafe conditions, there are combinations in green (safe) and red (unsafe) or green (safe) and blue (unsafe).The integrated horn has a sound pressure of 85-100 dB. It was selected for industrial use in noisy environments. It can be reduced in volume for less noisy environments, for example in the laboratory.


The Power Supply

The PointGard 3100 contains a 120 … 230 VAC/ 24 VDC power supply. It can optionally be ordered with the power cable and country-specific plug. If a local 24 VDC supply is already available, a variant without power supply unit is also available.

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  • Detect over 100 toxic gases using DrägerSensors
  • Flexible communications
  • Rugged and compact housing
  • Advanced display with diagnostics
  • Monitor remote areas up to 30meter (98ft) away