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Motorized Pressure Regulator (MP2400)

About Motorized Pressure Regulator (MP2400)

Pneumatic regulators with enclosed motor assemblies, typically used as automation regulators.

Technical Specifications
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The 24CC, 24CS, 24XC and 24XS M/P Converters are motor driven pneumatic regulators with motor assemblies enclosed in a commercial enclosure, typically used as automation regulators.

The AC Control Unit for the 24CC unit is a continuous operation motor available in 115vAC. The control assembly for the 24CS unit is a stepper motor with an integral Translator Board which converts 23-26vDC digital pulse inputs supplied by the customer, into control logic to drive the motor. The AC Control unit for the 24XC unit is a continuous operation motor available in 115vAC. A feedback potentiometer option is available for these units.

The DC pulse input assembly for the 24 XS unit is a Clock Generator/Translator board available for the 12vDC or 24vDC pulse input. This allows the use of an external Controller with a 12vDC or 24vDC output. The DC analog input assembly is an Amplifier (Proportional Control) and Translator board which allows operation with a 4-20mA or 1-5vDC analog input. Minimum-maximum limit switches are standard on this unit. Reverse action and split ranging on the analog unit can be achieved in the field. The explosion proof motor and housing is coupled to a pneumatic regulator assembly to provide the desired operating pressure range for any application.

The Fairchild MP2400 motorized regulator line will handle a 500 psi, 35 BAR maximum supply pressure and offers eleven (11) different set point pressure ranges from Vacuum-10 psi, vacuum-0.7 BAR, vacuum-70 kPa up to 2-100 psi, 0.15-7 BAR, 15-700 kPa.


  • Safe, predictable and reliable operation
  • Instant start-stop, heavy duty impedance protected motor eliminates coasting and prevents burnout in the event of stalling.
  • Capable of rapid start-stop with high running torque enables use in open loop control and automated systems.
  • Designs available for use in common, hazardous or harsh environments
  • User selectable setting of minimum and maximum pressure values
  • Output pressure locks in last position in event of power failure.
  • Continuous AC Motor unit
  • Stepper Motor equipped configuration
  • Standard commercial enclosure or Explosion-proof NEMA 4X housing
  • End of travel limit switches