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Gas Chromatograph Products

About Gas Chromatograph Products

Perform real-time analysis of chemical composition of a process sample or stream.

Technical Specifications
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For over 50 years, ABB has developed, manufactured, and installed gas chromatographs for a multitude of process industries. With capabilities that embrace one of the largest process gas chromatograph portfolios in the world, performing real-time analysis of the chemical composition of a process sample or stream is now easier than ever.


Process gas chromatographs – PGC5000 SeriesPGC5000A Generation 2 Master Controller with interactive touch screen front panel
– PGC5000B and PGC5000C Smart airbath ovens
– PGC5000B and PGC5000C Smart airless ovens

Now available – The PGC5000 Integrated Controller combines the functionality of the PGC5000A Master Controller into either the PGC5000B or PGC5000C Smart oven

-PGC5007 Total Sulfur Analyzer – Specialty gas chromatograph

-PGC5009 Fast GC- Specialty gas chromatograph

-PGC5000 Temperature Programmed – Specialty gas chromatograph

-Gas chromatograph sample handling systems including the DRS2170 Dynamic Reflux Sampler

-Liquid sample injection valves: syringe and rotary

-Vapor valves: sliding plate, rotary, and diaphragm

-Complete line of analytical detectors: thermal conductivity, flame ionization, flame photometric, and discharge ionization

-Custom packed and capillary column applications