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Offering a wide range of different gas detector sensors for fixed gas warning systems.

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The sensor is the most important component inside a gas detector. The gas detector sensor converts the measured variable, e.g. a gas concentration, into an electrical signal. Depending on the gas sensor type, this is achieved by either chemical or physical processes. Dräger offers a wide range of different gas detector sensors for fixed gas warning systems.

Catalytic Bead DrägerSensors®

Measuring combustible gases and vapors is essential for the safety of your people and your facilities. Intended for Dräger’s fixed gas detectors, Catalytic Bead DrägerSensors® are designed for continuous monitoring and detection of combustible gases and vapors—with different versions for different applications and concentrations.



Electrochemical DrägerSensor®

Fast response, high accuracy, great stability, long life. Electrochemical DrägerSensors offer all these benefits. You can use the robust and long-life sensors for the selective measurement of the smallest concentrations of toxic gases and oxygen in ambient air.

DrägerSensor® IR

Upgrade to infrared technology “in the twinkling of an eye” – the DrägerSensor IR can replace catalytic ex-sensors (catalytic bead sensors, pellistors) without additional installation work.

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