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Blog: Boosting Performance With Real-time Data And Diagnostics

Blog: Boosting Performance With Real-time Data And Diagnostics

Metso have been pioneers in the development of valve diagnostics for a long time. We set out early on to identify and develop solutions that ensure optimized process performance in all valve applications, regardless of industry or operating environment. While the valve signature method of diagnostics was typically used in off-line testing, we wanted to take it online so that real-time valve performance data could easily be obtained for more accurate and effective predictive maintenance.  

Optimized business performance

Valve condition is typically diagnosed by analyzing friction characteristics. With Metso’s patented Valve online signature an up-to-date control valve friction graph is available whenever you need it, even while the valve is in operation. This helps you identify valve performance deterioration before it increases process variability and starts eating up your profit margin. Performing control valve maintenance and repairs before process critical valves fail is something that greatly improves plant safety. Optimized valve performance also helps optimize energy and raw material consumption, creating savings and making your process more sustainable.

Most plants inevitably have hidden problems that degrade production efficiency. The Metso Expertune PlantTriage service tool is designed to monitor your entire plant 24 hours a day, identifying problems and process upsets in real-time and helping you find the root causes in a matter of minutes. In addition to stabilizing your process, the measurable benefits range from increased production and improved quality all the way to identifying opportunities for considerable energy savings. When configured to your specific needs, PlantTriage can deliver benefits that can be seen in your bottom-line.

Process performance at a glance

Improving and maintaining process efficiency is made even more simple when the diagnostics data is combined with Metso’s easy to use Performance view, which summarizes valve condition and performance into a simple and easy to read form. Together with our high-quality valve controllers, these diagnostics tools give you a full view into your process performance in one quick glance. Metso’s diagnostics technology goes as far as to alert you and guide you to solve underlying issues that are starting to develop, allowing you to rapidly address them before they even become a problem. 

More about Valve online signature

Our Valve online signature is designed to help optimize business and process performance in your valve applications. Accurate, real-time data and analytics will help you perform well-informed and perfectly timed maintenance on your control valves, helping you avoid production losses and improve safety. To find out more about this unique online analytics solution, get in touch or watch this video.