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AC500-eco, Simplified Control

AC500-eco, Simplified Control

The AC500-eCo is specially designed to offer flexibility in smaller applications such as refrigerators, mixers, compressors, pumps, conveyors. Simply integrates into a Freelance architecture and is perfectly compatible with the AC500’s I/O. In addition, the built-in web server allows you to access all your information without having to get an HMI. The integration software is easily accessible to you for free. This PLC’s eCo model gives you the full potential you’ll need while optimizing your current application at low cost

I/O Flexibility

AC500-eCo processors can process information from 10 I/O modules. The I/O S500-eCo and S500 modules can be used with the AC500-eCo. This flexibility allows you to create custom solutions. The I/O configuration system gives you the ability to make changes at the last minute with ease. With TU516-H/or TU532-H terminals, you can hot swap the I/O S500 modules. The AC500’s synchronized processors HA option keep your operations running; if a module’s processor becomes defective, the backup processor will take over your applications without interruption.  The PLC’s I/O modules were designed to respond to the industry’s ever-changing evolution, adhering to the principles of standardization in automation, including the installation of two deported I/O groups.

Integration Simplicity

The AC500-eCo PLC is perfect for small applications, but also allows integration into existing complex architectures. For example, the AC500-eCo can easily be integrated into an 800xA (DCS) architecture without any problems. Various applications in processes, discrete and “motion” can be combined. Using an SD card allows you to save data and save the code. If you want to automate your current applications, without limiting your future expansion capabilities, the AC500-eCo is designed for you.

User friendly software

Abb offers you a free intuitive software to set up, program, diagnose and maintain your operations. Download the software directly from ABB’s website, the installation assistant will guide you through the few steps of setup. Automation Builder software allows you to combine engineering, security, graphics, SCADA and more in one location. You’ll be able to count OPC, FTP, DHCP, SMTP and SNTP client features, access the variable frequency workout configuration directly.

Is HMI expensive? ABB offers a free alternative with the Integrated Web Server: create your own graphics and analyze your data directly on your web browser!

Of course, all ABB PLC’s are approved by accredited certification organizations around the globe. As a result, they can be integrated globally in safe and reliable ways. Whether it’s for applications in classified areas or harsh environment: you’ll find the economical solution with ABB’s AC500 range

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